Consultation on Ontario’s Health Care Accessibility Standards


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Ontario published the initial recommendations of the Health Care Standards Development Committee for health care accessibility standards under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA).

The Committee’s objective is to reduce, and preferably eliminate, the variety of barriers faced by persons with disabilities throughout their patient journey within hospitals and when receiving health care. The proposed recommendations are intended to reinforce each other and work together to remove and prevent barriers to accessibility throughout hospitals.

The Committee made a total of 22 recommendations for improving the accessibility of health care in Ontario for persons with disabilities, including:

  •  Establishing mechanisms for consulting with accessibility specialist(s) and/or groups of individuals with disabilities;
  •  Developing policies, procedures, and practices for coordinated accommodation of persons with disabilities, including with respect to communications and third party supports;
  • Adding accommodation requirements to electronic health records;
  • Establishing mechanisms to facilitate access to health services for patients with disabilities;
  • Establishing an accessible complaint process;
  • Developing standardized AODA health care education and training modules to be used across all Ontario hospitals;
  • Integrating the AODA into accreditation standards; and,
  • Expanding enforcement of the AODA.

Opportunity for Comment and Feedback

The Committee is seeking feedback on the recommendations in advance of the development of the final standards.  Provide your feedback to the Committee here.

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