Harriet N. Yiga


I chose a labour and employment law practice because it focuses on the human interest. Whether it’s negotiating at the collective bargaining table, litigating a grievance arbitration, or mediating a human rights application, I never lose sight of the individual people involved in the complex scenarios that form the basis of the employment relationship.

Before pursuing a career in law, I received Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees in the study of history, a discipline which fostered an ability to skillfully evaluate and assess evidence, reconcile conflicting interpretations, and effectively advocate for my clients. I bring that experience to my work at Hunter Liberatore Law. I am extremely focused, and detail orientated and strive to ensure that my clients are always heard, and their positions strongly represented.

I enjoy the intellectual challenge that comes with the unpredictability of employment practice. The laws governing the workers and managers are always fluctuating and every new case brings a new interpretation of the statutes. But nothing gives me more satisfaction than finding the right answer to a thorny legal question.

In my spare time, I’m a voracious reader and writer and as a lawyer, I get to indulge that love for words every day. I am truly excited to be a part of your legal team.


Tel. 416-534-7770
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Email. harriet@HLLLP.ca